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    • About The Nappanee Chamber

      About The Nappanee Chamber

      The Nappanee Chamber of Commerce, (Established 1880) Nappanee, Indiana, is a unique non-profit organization, embracing the pace of country life …
    • Old Nappanee

      Old Nappanee

      Prior to 1800, Nappanee was the home to Miami and Potawatomi Indians. In 1830, the first white settlers came to …
    • Nappanee Economic Development Resources

      Nappanee Economic Development Resources

      Thanks to its location [between Elkhart County, Kosciusko County, and 30 minutes from South Bend, Indiana — Nappanee has a rich …
    • Snapshot of the Nappanee Area

      Snapshot of the Nappanee Area

      The Nappanee Area A tourism center offering small town and Amish-living convenience surrounded by several economic centers and big city …
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